My summer pudding heaven

Summer Pudding

It looked good and tasted good!

I’m chuffed. This year’s summer pudding has turned out to be a small triumph. That is, it doesn’t look like a crumpled dishcloth which caved in the moment it was turned out of the bowl, as it did last year. And it tastes pretty good!

Even better, a lot of the fruit was home grown or foraged: garden raspberries, blackcurrants, a few sweet gooseberries and blackberries (the wet weather has sent briars up through the honeysuckle), while strawberries and cherries were shop-bought.

The bread, a white tin, was from Roses, cut thin on their bread slicer. You can find out how to make your own pudding by checking on last year’s post here

and I think you’ll agree 2016 is a vast improvement. You’ll have to take my word about the taste.

A few thoughts: Recipes usually call for day-old bread. I didn’t bother. I’m not sure if this is because the bread would be drier and firmer so easier to cut. If so, then Roses did it for me. And I abutted the bread slices rather than overlapped them. Cut your bread thin rather than thick.

It was a lot better than many restaurant versions I’ve eaten – best to shun the individual ones as there is usually too much bread to fruit.

We ate it in the garden with a glass of Pimms. Well, you have to do things in style, don’t you?

I’m already planning another!

Summer Pudding - before it's cut

This is what it looked like before being cut