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Yet another food blog? This one is based in Sheffield and is backed up by over a quarter of a century of writing about food and reviewing restaurants for the Sheffield Star.

Martin Dawes at work - eating in a restaurant

The city and its surrounding area may not be gourmet nirvana but there is an awful lot that is good to eat here.

On The Star I used to have an expense account so it was not ultimately money from my own pocket which paid for some 1,400 dinners (and lunches and breakfasts) down the years. As I gave up reviewing last October it will be my own money now so reviews may not be as plentiful.

As well as eating it I like to cook, anything from Indian to Italian and rather a lot of veggie dishes. While I’m not that good a gardener I enjoy Nature doing it for me, so I go foraging food for free – and you’ll be surprised how much there is out there. And then I’m back in the kitchen cooking, pickling and preserving.

As well as cooking, foraging and eating I’m fascinated by the history of the ingredients we eat and the dishes we enjoy. For me, the story behind an oatcake or a link of polony is just as interesting as that, say, of caviar.

So tuck in and I hope you enjoy it half as much as I do writing it.

If you’d like me to review your business, get in touch.

I can be contacted on martin.dawes@live.co.uk or martindawes46@gmail.com


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  1. John Parsons here just wanting to invite you to a tasting Friday short notice I know just thought it would be right up your street @the druid , to.make up for last time if so could you contact me @01629653836


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